Our Mission

YOU IMAGINE a company …

  • Where systems are created and utilized to guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Where customers and employees are equally important

YOU IMAGINE service …

  • With an uncommon measure of friendliness and responsiveness
  • That fully satisfies your unique requirements

YOU IMAGINE people …

  • With proactive methods who care about your product as much as you do
  • Who are empowered to ensure their work is of the highest quality


  • A Company that delivers
  • People who care
  • Service beyond your expectations

Avatar Engineering


We design, engineer, manufacture and support products in the industrial markets. We focus primarily in the agricultural, transportation, industrial and scientific instrument (ISM) markets. This focus means our clients receive the best customer service and most cost-effective custom electronic product design solutions.

Avatar Engineering has been in business since 1999 and has over 175 years of product engineering and manufacturing experience. We understand the harsh industrial and food grade environments and design your custom electronic product to withstand them.

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