Build your foundation with PCB design and board layout.

Effective board layout is a hallmark of our business and our PCB (printed circuit board) design expertise means your electronic product starts with the right foundation. We use real world experience and application of Design for Manufacturing, Fabrication and Test techniques and industry standards to ensure your product’s success.

We have designed a full range of PCBs, from a simple single layer board layout to a complex high speed PCB and leverage this experience for your benefit.

Avatar Engineering

PCB Design Expertise Areas:

  • Industry Standard Compliance: IPC certified, Design for Manufacturing, Fabrication and Test
  • High Speed Design: Matched Lengths, Diff Pairs, Controlled Impedance, EMI control
  • High Density: Blind/Buried vias, MicroBGAs, double sided SMT
  • Flex Circuits: Flex, Rigid-Flex, SMT/Thru-Hole on Flex

Other PCB Design Services:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Gerber to CAD File Conversion
  • AutoCAD/DXF to Gerber
  • Thru-hole to SMT Conversion
  • Concurrent PCB Design
  • PADS Layout


We design, engineer, manufacture and support products in the industrial markets. We focus primarily in the agricultural, transportation, industrial and scientific instrument (ISM) markets. This focus means our clients receive the best customer service and most cost-effective custom electronic product design solutions.

Avatar Engineering has been in business since 1999 and has over 175 years of product engineering and manufacturing experience. We understand the harsh industrial and food grade environments and design your custom electronic product to withstand them.

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