What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) merges the physical and digital worlds by connecting a network of real-world devices – sensors, controllers, machinery, etc. – to the internet. It enables the collection, viewing, and notification of real-time data in a way never seen before. These device networks are able to perform a virtual limitless list of functions, from a simple task of securely collecting and uploading humidity data in a factory environment to complex systems that analyze and correlate data from a multi-device network, notify you of potential issues, and adjust the operability of a machine based on transmitted data. Due to the versatility of these devices, IoT networks and devices are quickly becoming a vital part of any successful business.

How is Avatar involved in IoT?

Avatar Engineering IoT block diagram

At Avatar we recognize that IoT is a critical component in the coming generations of electronics products. As a result, we have educated and familiarized ourselves with designing, manufacturing and supporting diverse internet connected ecosystems for our customers. From retrofitting current unconnected products to conceptualizing and designing new device networks, we offer solutions to all customers who wish to control, monitor, and collect data from their systems remotely. Let us help you discover how you can improve your products, your efficiency, and your business by connecting you.


We design, engineer, manufacture and support products in the industrial markets. We focus primarily in the agricultural, transportation, industrial and scientific instrument (ISM) markets. This focus means our clients receive the best customer service and most cost-effective custom electronic product design solutions.

Avatar Engineering has been in business since 1999 and has over 175 years of product engineering and manufacturing experience. We understand the harsh industrial and food grade environments and design your custom electronic product to withstand them.

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