Our parent company, Pivot International, has entered the electronic speed control and brushless DC motor retail markets with its acquiring the assets of Castle Creations. The company is based in the greater Kansas City area, and serves the global market.

Castle Creations is the leading aftermarket manufacturer of high-performance electronic speed controls and brushless DC motors for the radio-controlled (R/C) car, air and multi-rotor hobby markets as well as industrial UAVs.

Castle has 16 patents and 22 years of innovation in brushless DC motor design and motor control algorithms with a reputation for superior performance, configurability and quality. “Castle’s strong reputation, versatile products and unparalleled ‘make-it- right’ customer support have earned the company a large and ever-growing base of loyal customers” says Charles Morse, Director of Business Development, Castle Creations.

Castle Creations

Castle’s leadership in the Radio Controlled (R/C) hobby market has created new opportunities for the company in commercial applications including firefighting helicopters, cooling systems, fuel pumps, underwater propulsion systems and more.

With Castle Creations, Pivot International has acquired a strong consumer brand with broad distribution through hobby distributors, local hobby shops, Amazon and direct to consumer.

Mark Dohnalek, President and CEO describes the company’s growth strategy as “an aggressive calibrated approach to organic and acquired competencies and capacity, expertise and assets to help customers meet market needs and global clients needs most effectively. Over the last five years, we have an annual growth of 141%, increased our staff from 136 to nearly 700 and have facilities in 11 locations around the world. This approach ensures that we are able to respond to needs and changes such as the imposition of China taxes and tariffs with speed and agility by providing alternative options and solutions for our clients. We have also invested in SMT mirrored technology in US and Asia so that we can simultaneously manufacture products in two continents to optimize output and respond to challenges or opportunities.”

Pivot International continues to build its portfolio of talent and resources around the world with offices in the US, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh, to support the European market, as well as offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Manila to support the Asian market along with its global supply chain and company-owned manufacturing operations. Pivot’s company-owned global resources provide a unique ability to engage the world’s top talent to design, develop and engineer a wide range of products coupled with the world’s most efficient and effective manufacturing offering for any product format. Pivot now boasts a talented global roster of over 100 product design engineers, and an overall global organization of over almost 700 associates, which encompasses facilities throughout US, UK, and Asia.

Pivot has a 47-year track record of outstanding performance, innovation, quality and design, engineering and manufacturing as a single-source expert serving clients in a broad range of industries including biometric/security products, wearable technology, touchscreen technology, medical, wireless, fitness, electronic components, agriculture, building operations and consumer products.

Mark Dohnalek affirms, “I am committed to ensuring that Pivot has the global capabilities to design and manufacture in the US, UK and Asia so that we can deliver the most efficient solution for our clients all over the world.”

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